Past Seminars

Sol Justitiae from
Law and Humanities |

Law and Humanities faculty consider what law is and where it resides, emphasizing the importance of the humanities in answering these questions.

Image of prisoners

The Carceral Geographies Course Thread faculty considered the institutions, ideas, experiences, and outcomes of imprisonment in a broad plane of social, cultural, and political life.

Image of an old, still photograph featuring Marilyn Farquhar and Ansel Adams using some sort of large metal apparatus.

The Visibilities: The Still Image Course Thread faculty examined the breadth, depth and complexity of the still image’s role in shaping aesthetics, politics and social culture.

Image of Salvador Dalí's surrealist painting, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, depicting two geometric monsters connected.

The Politics of Freedom & Violence Course Thread faculty complicated a simple opposition between violence and freedom often taken for granted in American culture and political discourse.

Image of an ancient greek alchemical manuscript, No. 2327 of the French National Library, from the 14th century.

The Old Things Course Thread faculty group investigated the study of ancient and medieval literatures and systems of thought that are both continuous and discontinuous with the present.

Digital image superimposing the earth, nanotechnology, and eye and a bacteria to form one continuous circle.
Sciences & Society |

The Sciences and Society Course Thread faculty group examined the pressing problems of our time as simultaneously scientific and social, technological and political, ethical and economic.

Photo of an iPhone, a notepad and a pen laying side by side on a cluttered table.

The Human-Centered Design Course Thread faculty group explored interactions between humans and tools, objects, services, and information spaces.

A photograph by Jean-Paul Bourdier, in which he painted human bodies so that they integrate seamlessly into natural landscapes.

The Humanities & Environment Course Thread faculty group analyzed how humans imagine, represent, interact with, and change within their natural and cultural environments.

Photo of a woodblock painting which reads, "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."
Human Rights |

The Human Rights Course Thread faculty group investigated the legal, political, historical, economic, social, and psychological dynamics of human rights.

Photo of ancient cuneiform engravings on clay.
Visible Language |

The Visible Language Course Thread faculty group addressed issues of textuality and technologies of communication, studying modes of writing from cuneiform clay tablets to electronic media.