Performance in the Americas

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The Performance in the Americas working group aims to build a network of scholars, practitioners, and activists of the UC Berkeley campus community who are working in the area of Performance research in Latin/o America. The group offers an interdisciplinary space for focused group discussion on performance and live art practices in the Americas. The groups takes a "hemispheric" approach to performance that includes Latin/o American communities from both sides of the border, and thereby hopes to build on the pioneering work done by NYU's Instituto Hemisférico de Performance y Política. The group is committed to 1) fostering research on theater, arts and performance originating from and concerning indigenous and Latina/o communities, individual and collective artists, cultural agents, histories, and social systems as performance across disciplines; 2) strengthening the scholarship of group members, both faculty and graduate students, through invited guests and scholarly criticism and review; 3) encouraging reflection on the methodological challenges posed by interdisciplinary approaches to performance; 4) increasing the visibility of Latin/o American theater, arts and performance on the UCB campus; and, 5) creating a wider circle of interaction between UCB and Bay Area scholars and arts initiatives around performance in the American hemisphere.

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