Working Groups Related to History

Memory and the Past

This group examines a variety of perspectives on the relationship between memory and understanding the past. Along with asking how the act of archaeological and historic research contributes to memorialization and commemoration, the group aims to...

Intellectual History Image

The Intellectual History and Theory working group unites fifty students from over eleven departments to form a scholarly community interested in the subjects and methods of intellectual history.

American Progress Image

The Interdisciplinary Working Group on the Early United States brings together scholars from History, English, Comparative Literature, Art History, Philosophy, and Political Science to expand members’ understanding of the development of the US...

Environmental Science Working Group Image

The Environmental Science and History (ES&H) working group discusses the interrelationship between human beings and their environment.

Parts Bagani Painting

The Filipino & Philippine Studies working group discusses critical and emerging scholarship to unite the distinct fields of Filipino Studies and Philippine...

Image for Der Kreis, children peeking over the Berlin Wall

Der Kreis brings together scholars interested in German history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Image of Russian History "Kruzhok" Working Group

The Russian History "Kruzhok" (circle) allows students in the field of Russian history to receive feedback on dissertation chapters, hold mock job...

Image of Modern Jewish Culture Working Group

The Modern Jewish Culture working group draws those whose research intersects with the subject of Modern Jewish Culture.