Townsend Center Catering Guidelines

Catered receptions are permitted in the Seminar Room only; no food or drink is allowed in the Geballe Room. If you are planning a reception, you must request use of the Seminar Room at the time of your original reservation. Any cleaning-related expense that is incurred will be deducted from your deposit.

Approved Caterers

Ann’s Catering
  (510) 649-0869

Bancroft Catering
  (510) 549-0113

Cal Catering
  (510) 643-4314

  (510) 843-2233

Sponsoring Group's Responsibilities

  • Absolutely no Townsend Center furniture may be moved outside the building. If furniture on the patio is required for the event, please obtain it from an outside rental company. Any furniture from outside sources must be removed from the Center at the end of the event.
  • Remove all trash from the premises. Take the trash to the dumpster in the courtyard behind Stephens Hall (past the Ethnic Studies library).