Global Urban Humanities Fellowships for Graduate Students

The Global Urban Humanities Fellowships for faculty and graduate students at UC Berkeley support research on contemporary and historical cities that engages approaches from the arts and humanities and the humanistic social sciences and from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and urban planning. Candidates from a wide range of departments are encouraged to apply.  The Fellowship program is part of the broader Global Urban Humanities Initiative (GUH), which is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Applicant research projects should fully engage questions or methods from the humanities and should be clearly centered on urban topics.  The research projects of current fellows, viewable at, provide examples.

The purpose of the Fellowship is both to further the research of the individual recipients and to enable faculty and graduate students to meet and work with colleagues in other disciplines and departments. In weekly meetings participants will explore methodological and theoretical questions with the aim of advancing the emerging field of urban humanities. Awards are based on the scholarly merit or project creativity of the individual applications. The selection committee will also take into consideration the research project's potential interest to scholars in different fields of the arts and humanities and the design disciplines, and the likelihood of the applicant’s contribution to interdisciplinary discussion.

GUH Fellowships are awarded to faculty and to PhD students who will have advanced to candidacy by Spring 2020.  Fellows will meet in weekly discussions for interdisciplinary peer review of work in progress. The group in Spring 2020 is expected to include approximately two senior faculty, four junior faculty, and four graduate students. 

Full-Year Graduate Student Fellow: One of the four graduate students will be selected to also participate in the Townsend Fellows program (, which meets in both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. The student selected will receive Townsend Fellowship support in the fall in addition to the Global Urban Humanities-Townsend support in the spring.  This student will participate in the weekly Townsend Fellows meetings in the fall, and in the Global Urban Humanities-Townsend meetings in the spring. The student is also welcome but not required to continue participation in the Townsend group in the Spring. For this full-year fellowship only, the student must have advanced to candidacy by the time of application. If you would like to be considered for this full-year fellowship, you must check the appropriate box in the application.


GUH Fellowships are awarded to PhD students who will have advanced to candidacy by Spring 2020.

Preference in the selection process generally goes to students who are pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Global Urban Humanities. Information on the Certificate and the application form are available here. You should submit the application form for the Certificate in advance of your application for the Fellowship to make sure that you will be able to complete the Certificate.  Generally speaking, you should have completed the requirements for the Certificate prior to starting the Fellowship. In any case, you must have identified when you plan to take the three courses required for the Certificate prior to applying for the Fellowship.


Grant Provision

GUH Graduate Student Fellows receive up to $21,000 in a stipend, which may be used to cover fees and other expenses.

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