Humanists@Work Career Workshop for Graduate Students

Townsend Blog
December 03, 2014
humanists@work poster

Are you getting your Ph.D. in a humanities field? Do you suffer from job anxiety? If you answered yes to the first question, you probably answered yes to the second.

Many humanities Ph.D. students are interested in working outside of academia when they graduate. Unfortunately, few resources exist to help these students succeed in non-academic careers or even non-traditional academic career paths (a notable exception being The Versatile PhD). Few doctoral programs are configured to provide the skills and support graduate students need to find work outside the academy, and even fewer systematically track employment outcomes of Ph.D.s who leave academia.

The UC-wide initiative Humanists@Work was created to fill this growing need. The initiative will be hosting an all-day workshop in San Diego on Friday, February 20th dedicated to exploring careers outside the academy. All UC graduate students in the Humanities are invited to attend.


Participants should expect a practical, hands-on workshop that includes:

  • Stories from the Field: A roundtable of recent UC PhDs employed in careers alongside/beyond the academy
  • Two-part workshop on informational interviews and career trajectories for Humanities PhDs led by Dr. Debra Behrens, Career Counselor at UCB
  • Hands-on workshop with The Resume Studio
  • Theorizing Our Moment: A panel conversation about work and graduate student experiences.

Space is limited, so don’t wait to register.

Can’t afford to travel to San Diego? The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) is sponsoring three students from each campus to attend the workshop, providing free transportation and lodging. Visit FastApps to apply for a conference grant.