Jonathan Simon

Image of Jonathan Simon.

Professor Jonathan Simon is the Adrian A. Kragen Professor of Law.  His scholarship concerns the role of criminal justice and punishment in modern societies, insurance and other contemporary practices of governing risk, the cultural lives of law, and the intellectual history of law and the social sciences. Simon is returning to Berkeley following a year as a MacCormick Fellow and Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Edinburgh, where he completed a new book on California's prison health care and overcrowding crisis, Mass Incarceration on Trial: Brown v. Plata and the Future of Imprisonment (forthcoming 2012, New Press).  His recent books include After the War on Crime: Race, Democracy and the New Reconstruction (edited with Mary Louise Frampton and Ian Haney Lopez), and Governing through Crime: How the War on Crime Transformed American Democracy and Created a Culture of Fear, for which he was awarded the 2008 Book Prize in the Sociology of Law section of the ASA and the 2010 Hindelang Prize from the American Society of Criminology.