Ramona Martinez

Library Fellow
Image of Ramona Martinez.

The research of Ramona Martinez (Law Library) will trace the history of legal publishing in California to uncover the reasons for the legal battle between Eugene Casserly and George Fitch, who vied for the office of State Printer, which was created by the second law passed in the first session (1849-50) of the California Legislature. The legal publishing business in California was as contentious and competitive then as it is today. The California Supreme Court decision settling the dispute between Casserly and Fitch was published in Volume 1 of California Reports. Three different editions of that volume were produced. One was published in 1851 by Casserly, claiming the title of State Printer.  Another was published two years later by Fitch claiming the same title.  Finally, a “second edition” was published in 1872 by Sumner Whitney and A.L. Bancroft & Co. The Bancroft-Whitney company would go on to become a legal publishing juggernaut in California and nationwide.