Tamara Roberts

Assistant Professor Fellow
Image of Tamara Roberts.

While media representations often paint black/Asian relations as an ongoing site of conflict, Afro Asian music provides a space for the negotiation of inter-minority difference, building of political solidarities, and performance of new U.S. American identities based on unity-through-difference. In her project, “Resounding Afro Asia: Music and the Politics of Unity,” Tamara Roberts (Music) examines how Afro Asian “fusion” music reflects larger dynamics of interracial and intercultural encounter in the U.S. and is enmeshed in the cultural economy. As she investigates the connections between musical production, contemporary racial policy, and neoliberalism, Professor Roberts ultimately exposes the shortcomings of multiculturalism to provide a restructuring of the racial system and to support the interracial and intercultural realities of the lives of people of color.