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The Project on Disciplinary Innovation, commonly known as “Course Threads,” is intended to invite new ways of thinking about interdisciplinary faculty research and the relationship among undergraduate courses across departments in the humanities and related fields at UC Berkeley. Rather than generate new programs, interdisciplinary majors, or official requirements, the aim of this project is to establish a flexible model for cross-disciplinary education by bringing to light some of the hidden conceptual "threads" that connect courses across departments and disciplines. Threads are identified by a group of faculty and are comprised of anywhere from 15-50 courses in different departments. Each thread is driven by faculty interested in some innovative research field not otherwise reflected in the formal program options available to undergraduates. The possibility of following a particular thread or path of interest is an option for undergraduates to choose, not a requirement. Interested students are asked to sign up with the Townsend Center, to enroll in at least 3 courses from the thread of their choice over the course of their studies at Berkeley, and to participate in at least one year-end symposium. After successful completion of these steps, students will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Townsend Center.

Students: To participate in a course thread, sign up at the Course Threads website.

This project is made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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Sol Justitiae from
Law and Humanities |

Law and Humanities faculty consider what law is and where it resides, emphasizing the importance of the humanities in answering these questions.

Image of prisoners

The Carceral Geographies Course Thread faculty considered the institutions, ideas, experiences, and outcomes of imprisonment in a broad plane of social, cultural, and political life.