Producing a Nonviolence Website: Resources for Students, Citizens, the Media, Educators, and Oppressed Peoples

Faculty Mentor(s): 
Michael Nagler (Peace and Conflict Studies)
Student Apprentice(s): 
Matthew Taylor

Nonviolence, which can be defined as “the successful conversion of a negative drive” is an active, positive force that seeks to both facilitate social change and reconcile relationships, inviting both oppressor and oppressed to see each other’s humanity. In a world where people are increasingly treated as objects and dehumanized by a paradigm of violence, competition, and materialism, this project aims to articulate a new kind of power that can be harnessed to transform our conflicts. Nonviolence is that power – but it cannot be used if it is not understood.

The project created a website with a wealth of information and content about nonviolence in accessible formats for various key audiences: students, citizens unfamiliar with nonviolence, the media, educators, and oppressed peoples. The website offers generalized documents that serve as an educational resource for anyone interested in organizing a nonviolent process to obtain reconciliation and human rights.

Student Apprentice Matthew Taylor researched a specific case study on Israel/Palestine, where there is much interest in nonviolence on both sides of the conflict.