Social Practices: Human and the Environment

Faculty Mentor(s): 
Shannon Jackson (Theater, Dance and Performance Studies)
Student Apprentice(s): 
Inna Volynskaya

Social practice is one among several terms given to art practices that engage political and community concerns, often by locating themselves outside of the gallery or theater and by engaging in long, relational processes of collaboration with citizens of a particular community, neighborhood, or region.

The research focused on the Richmond/Berkeley community arts group, Touchable Stories, which constructs interactive installations based on the oral histories and archival history of marginalized communities.

Inna Volynskaya, the student apprentice, participated in oral history fieldwork; read scholarly texts that address some of the histories and social obstacles around racism, poverty, education, health care, immigration and more faced in the community of Richmond; paired with artists to develop images, content of material, the arrangement of space, and the deployment of sound in order to imagine the best way to provoke reflection in the installation. She also assisted with logistical planning of the installation and conducted background research on the various histories that inform this practice.