Transnational Spanish Language Media and the Spanish language Market in the U.S.

Faculty Mentor(s): 
Alex Saragoza (Ethnic Studies)
Student Apprentice(s): 
Bianca Cano

The intent of this project was to examine the current state and future prospects of the Spanish language media in light of new technologies, particularly the use of the internet and wireless telecommunications.

The apprentice, Bianca Cano, focused her research on recent developments in the access to new media by the Spanish speaking population of the U.S. The market for the Spanish language media is a “moving target,” spurred by the broadening of Latino accessibility to a proliferating array of technologies, continuing immigration, an increase in the native-born Spanish speaking population, its youthfulness, and the consequent differentiation of audience segmentation among this highly diverse market. Cano developed an inventory of Spanish language media in the U.S., a genealogy of those services and a classification scheme of available Spanish language media products. She also collected examples of those media products through their reproduction in appropriate media, and edited interview sessions. The research was incorporated into an upper division course on the transnational Spanish language media in the Department of Ethnic Studies offered in spring 2007.