Working Groups Related to Critical Theory


This working group reads and discusses texts that are foundational to contemporary theories of literature, culture, and identity politics, including the most prevalent works of poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, gender theory, reader response...

Dialogic Ethnographies

The Dialogic Ethnographies Working Group applies Bakhtinian and post-Bakhtinian literary theories to ethnographic methodology, writing, ethics, and archival practice. We take as our grounding assumption that interlocutors in the field — formerly...

Aesthetics and the Human Working Group Image

The Aesthetics and the Human working group seeks to explore the long under-theorized yet ubiquitous relation between humanism and aesthetics through revisiting and reading pioneering works in aesthetic theory and critical pedagogy.

Critical Black Fabulation Working Group Image

The Critical Black Fabulation (CBF) working group considers how black cultural producers have reimagined and revised the...

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The Psychoanalysis working group reads fundamental psychoanalytic texts and maps the continuing relevance of psychoanalytic thought in literary studies and...

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The Comparative Media Studies Working Group considers comparative analyses of forms, genres, and concepts of “media” to challenge the categorization of “media” as a branch of film, communications, or new media studies.

Intellectual History Image

The Intellectual History and Theory working group unites fifty students from over eleven departments to form a scholarly community interested in the subjects and methods of intellectual history.

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The Literature and the Digital Humanities enables current students and faculty to present their work and discuss methodological and theoretical issues surrounding the Digital Humanities.

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The Secularism and its Subjects working group engages some of the newest texts in the emerging field of secular studies.

Rosetta Stone

The Berkeley Translation Studies working group brings together members of the UC Berkeley community who share an interest in Translation Studies, an...