Working Groups Related to Critical Theory

The Interdisciplinary Marxist Working Group is dedicated to the discussion of classical and contemporary Marxist texts.

The Theories of the Global South working group promotes interdisciplinary exploration of literary and theoretical production from the so-called Global South,.

The Foundations of Literary Theory and Cultural Criticism group discusses texts foundational to contemporary theories of literature, culture, and identity politics.

The Secularism and its Subjects working group interrogates the foundations of western liberalism in religion.

The Berkeley Translation Studies working group brings together members of the UC Berkeley community who share an interest in this interdisciplinary field addressing issues of cultural, linguistic, socio-political, and creative...

The Law and Contemporary Theory working group focuses on work on law in the broadest sense.

The Tourism Studies working group sees tourism studies as a node at which numerous disciplines intersect and cross-fertilize.

Twice a year Qui Parle publishes provocative articles covering a range of outstanding theoretical and critical work in the humanities and social sciences.

The Labor, Philosophy, and Change working group addresses the vexed problematic of the relationship of work and labour by investigating the lineages of tools and technologies.

The Graduate Film working group plans and sponsors events ranging from informal screenings and discussions to public events such as lectures, colloquia, and conferences.