Working Groups Related to Literature

The Italian Lyric Tradition: Poetry and Convivium working group explores the life of the Italian lyric form in its many [re]articulations: from its Medieval origins to Renaissance Petrarchism and beyond.

The Contemporary Hebrew Poetry working group reads and discusses Hebrew poetry from the last three decades.

Theories of Science and the Humanities considers theoretical and methodological intersections among the humanities and the sciences.

The Foundations of Literary Theory and Cultural Criticism group discusses texts foundational to contemporary theories of literature, culture, and identity politics.

The Filipino & Philippine Studies working group discusses critical and emerging scholarship to unite the distinct fields of Filipino Studies and Philippine studies.

The Berkeley Translation Studies working group brings together members of the UC Berkeley community who share an interest in this interdisciplinary field addressing issues of cultural, linguistic, socio-political, and creative...

French and Francophone Film working group meets to view and discuss French-language films.

The Transnational & Ethnic American Studies working group fosters interdisciplinary conversation about transnational, postcolonial, and decolonial methods of scholarly inquiry.

The Slavic Languages & Literatures "Kruzhok", founded on the model of academic circles (kruzhki) in nineteenth-century Russian universities, explores Slavic literary and linguistic culture.

The Latin American Art and Literature working group encourages conversation among scholars of Latin American visual, textual, and literary production.