Working Groups Related to Literature


This working group reads and discusses texts that are foundational to contemporary theories of literature, culture, and identity politics, including the most prevalent works of poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, gender theory, reader response...

Aesthetics and the Human Working Group Image

The Aesthetics and the Human working group seeks to explore the long under-theorized yet ubiquitous relation between humanism and aesthetics through revisiting and reading pioneering works in aesthetic theory and critical pedagogy.

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The Comparative Media Studies Working Group considers comparative analyses of forms, genres, and concepts of “media” to challenge the categorization of “media” as a branch of film, communications, or new media studies.

Literature and Digital Humanities Image

The Literature and the Digital Humanities enables current students and faculty to present their work and discuss methodological and theoretical issues surrounding the Digital Humanities.

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The Filipino & Philippine Studies working group discusses critical and emerging scholarship to unite the distinct fields of Filipino Studies and Philippine...

Rosetta Stone

The Berkeley Translation Studies working group brings together members of the UC Berkeley community who share an interest in Translation Studies, an...

French and Francophone Cinema

The French and Francophone Cinema working group provides a forum for students and faculty of all departments to view and discuss films and texts related to all periods and genres of French and Francophone cinema. Its overall intellectual aim is...

Image of Transnational & Ethnic American Studies Working Group

The Transnational & Ethnic American Studies working group fosters interdisciplinary conversation about transnational, postcolonial,...

Image of Slavic Literature "Kruzhok" Working Group

The Slavic Languages & Literatures "Kruzhok", founded on the model of academic circles (kruzhki) in nineteenth-century Russian...