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August 09, 2016
Su Lin Lewis Photo

In her new book, former Townsend Fellow Su Lin Lewis explores layers of cross-cultural interaction in various spheres: the urban built environment, associations, the media, education, popular culture, and the emergence of the modern woman.

May 24, 2016
Zeynep Gürsel Photograph

Townsend Fellows alumna Zeynep Gürsel credits her participation in the Townsend Fellows group with helping shape her recently released book Image Brokers: Visualizing World News in the Age of Digital Circulation.

March 02, 2016
Katrina Dodson Image

Katrina Dodson, who recently completed her PhD in Comparative Literature at Berkeley, was chosen to be honored for her translation of Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector's The Complete Stories.

February 09, 2016
Chapter and Verse Podcast Series Logo

Berkeley News features an online profile of Professor of English Scott Saul's new Townsend-sponsored podcast series.

December 16, 2015
The Work of the Dead Book Cover

Professor of History Thomas Laqueur was recently interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air about his latest book on how and why the living have cared for the dead.

December 09, 2015
Alexei Yurchak at Award Ceremony

Associate Professor of Anthropology Alexei Yurchak has been awarded the the 2015 Prosvetitel (or Enlightener) Prize, the most prestigious Russian literary award for works of nonfiction.