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In the News features articles on current topics in the Humanities, publications and projects by Berkeley faculty and fellowship participants, and general Townsend Center news.

September 18, 2014
Logo of thinking the selfie

Course Threads, the Townsend Center's undergraduate curriculum enrichment project, invites the UC Berkeley community to explore the selfie.

September 04, 2014
UNESCO and the Book

Sarah Brouillette's article in the latest issue of the journal Representations considers the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) role in the history of the book.

April 02, 2014
A Street in Senegal

Rochelle Terman, political science graduate student and Townsend Center web consultant, reflects on her recent fieldwork in Senegal, her first experience conducting interviews.

March 11, 2014
Title page of forgery of Galileo's Sidereus Nuncius

Jane Raisch, coordinator of the History of the Book working group, reviews and reflects on her group’s recent conference on literary and artistic forgeries.

February 06, 2014
Catherine Long, dancer

Kate Mattingly, co-coordinator of the Dance Studies Working Group, discusses her discipline's innovative approaches to analyzing dance.

January 09, 2014
Psychocinematics book cover

Art Shimamura, Professor of Psychology and faculty member of the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, discusses “psychocinematics,” his approach to cognition at the movies that draws on psychology, brain science, and the humanities.