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In the News features articles on current topics in the Humanities, publications and projects by Berkeley faculty and fellowship participants, and general Townsend Center news.

March 11, 2011
Image of a ink stamp which reads "Day of DH 2011."

A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities is a community publication project aimed at broadening participants' knowledge of and skill in digital humanities through self-reflection and journaling.

March 05, 2011
Image of The Abyss of Hell, a drawing by Botticelli which was described by Dante as a tunnel to the center of the Earth.

Recorded history has often disenfranchised or even wholly ignore the disenfranchised, oppressed, and inconvenient voices as defined by the various social orders. Today, the internet preserves the story of even those who would be most voiceless among us.

February 24, 2011
Photo of the word "crowd" as spelled out by people standing far away in the shape of the letters.

DHAnswers (Digital Humanities Answers) leverages the knowledge and interest of the in-crowd of humanities experts and specialists to reproduce this community online while offering instant answers to anyone who asks questions.

February 18, 2011
Image of an old vase shaped as two heads back-to-back, one with pale skin, the other completely black.

This month’s Berkeley Books selection by Professor of History and Classics Erich S. Gruen, is one of those rare works that—as the title suggests—radically challenges pervasive assumptions in its field: in this case, the prevailing consensus that Greeks, Romans, and Jews understood themselves primarily in contrast to the so-called Other.

February 10, 2011
Image of a student in graduation attire letting a book fly out of a bird cage.

Open Access journals, the response to Open Access courseware, promise to be an invaluable tool for the free online open academic community. Reception has been mixed, however, due to fears of poor quality and high publishing fees.

February 03, 2011
Image of the P 2 P U logo.

The digital "gift" economy meets OpenCourseWare with a new institution called Peer 2 Peer University, which allows volunteers to teach uncredited free courses.