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In the News features articles on current topics in the Humanities, publications and projects by Berkeley faculty and fellowship participants, and general Townsend Center news.

July 01, 2010
Image of the Walt Whitman Archive website.

Digital and online work, though abundant, still lacks the kind of broad academic review seen by its traditional counterparts.

June 28, 2010
Image of the T A P oR logo.

Looking at the tools common to digital humanities research could help us define the term itself.

June 17, 2010
Image showing the use of the Co-ment tool.

Co-ment allows colleagues to collaborate remotely on writing projects, to share feedback, and to compare different versions of documents.

June 07, 2010
Image of students in front of a projection of a book page.

"Distance reading," done by computers rather than by humans, tracks topically related terms in huge collections of digitized texts to analyze literary material.

June 01, 2010
Image showing the use of the iAnnotate tool.

iAnnotate makes it easy to highlight, underline, comment and circle text in PDF documents, somewhat eliminating the awkwardness cited by researchers as an impediment to reading on an iPad.

May 24, 2010
Clipart image of a computer.

The "unconference" is a popular alternative to the traditional format of the academic conference, making use of blogs to generate discussion ideas for participants and developing collaborative documents that can become widely used resources for scholars.