Aero Foto: Surveying the Bay Through Time with George E. Russell

Stillhere art/science collaborative
Photo of an overhead view of the bay area, taken in black and white.
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2002 to Monday, Oct 21, 2002
Townsend Center, 220 Stephens Hall
United States

The Stillhere collaborative of Robin Grossinger and Christine Reed uses the captivating images of George Russell, an under-recognized 20th-century aerial explorer, to continue their investigation of the rapid transformation of the physical landscape of the Bay Area. In this exhibit, selections of Russell’s work, rescued from a Fresno chicken coop, are accompanied by a series of intricate graphic stories combining photographs, old maps, and fragmentary biographic details. Based upon studies of landscape change by Grossinger, Brewster, and other researcher at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, these materials extend Russell’s vision backward and forward in a dynamic landscape where change has outstripped memory.