Diana Taylor, Performance Studies and Spanish, NYU

“SAVE AS... Memory and the Archive in the Age of Digital Technologies”
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Photo of Diana Taylor.
Thursday, Sep 30, 2010 | 4:00 pm
Berkeley Art Museum Theater
2621 Durant Ave
United States

Diana Taylor is professor of Performance Studies and Spanish at New York University. She is also Founding Director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, an organization working at the intersection of scholarship, artistic expression, and politics to explore performance as a vehicle for the creation of new meaning and the transmission of cultural values, memory, and identity.

As a major contributor to the area of Performance Studies in the Americas, Professor Taylor's work focuses on Latin American and U.S. theater and performance, performance and politics, feminist theater and performance in the Americas, hemispheric studies, and trauma studies. Her books include The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas and Theatre of Crisis: Drama and Politics in Latin America. She is editor of Stages of Conflict: A Reader in Latin American Theatre and PerformanceHoly Terrors: Latin American Women Perform; and Negotiating Performance in Latin/o America: Gender, Sexuality, and Theatricality, among others.