Michael Fried, Humanities and Art History, Johns Hopkins University

“Some Thoughts on Caravaggio”
Una's Lecture
Photo of Michael Fried.
Tuesday, Mar 7, 1995 | 8:00 pm
Alumni House
United States

Art historian, art critic and literary critic, Michael Fried is J.R. Herbert Boone Professor of Humanities and Art History at Johns Hopkins University. In his work, Fried engages questions of modernism, realism, theatricality, objecthood, self-portraiture, embodiedness, and the everyday. He has also written histories of modern art, focusing on Edouard Manet, Gustave Courbet, and Adolph Menzel. Fried's books include Absorption and Theatricality: Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot; Realism, Writing, Disfiguration: On Thomas Eakins and Stephen Crane; and Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before.