Recent photographs by Linda Connor

Photographs by Linda Connor
Sepia photo of a man standing in a shrine in front of a mountain scene. Taken by Linda Connor.
Monday, Feb 3, 2003 to Thursday, Mar 20, 2003
Townsend Center, 220 Stephens Hall
United States

This exhibit features photographs taken by Linda Connor in 2002 in Turkey and India, including eight images of the Bedrock Church in Cappadocia.

Connor’s work, exhibited in more than 60 one-person exhibits, includes “Stones of Faith, Stones of Peace,” at the Jewish Museum, San Francisco, 1996; “The Heavens” at the G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, 1998; and ”Towards Light,” at the Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York, 2002. In over 300 group exhibits throughout the U.S. and abroad, Connor’s work has addressed “Constellations” (University of Missouri, 1998); “Degrees of Stillness” (August Sander Archive, Cologne, Germany, 1998); “The Universe: A Convergence of Art, Music, and Science” (Armory Center, Pasadena, 2001); and “The MicroCosmic: From the Stellar to the Cellular” (Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, 2002).