Working Groups Related to Cultural Studies

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The History of Poetic Genre asks how scholars can classify the form and practice of verbal art, study their complex histories, and conduct fruitful comparisons across traditions.

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The Medieval and Early American Working Group working group explores two different epochs that are historically contiguous but very rarely studied in conjunction with one another: the Middle Ages and the Early American period.

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The Comparative Media Studies Working Group considers comparative analyses of forms, genres, and concepts of “media” to challenge the categorization of “media” as a branch of film, communications, or new media studies.

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The Japan Studies Working Group offers UC Berkeley graduate students a forum for intellectual exchange and collaboration centered on the study of Japan's past, present and future.

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The Filipino & Philippine Studies working group discusses critical and emerging scholarship to unite the distinct fields of Filipino Studies and Philippine...

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The Berkeley Translation Studies working group brings together members of the UC Berkeley community who share an interest in Translation Studies, an...

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The Performance in the Americas working group aims to build a network of scholars, practitioners, and activists of the UC Berkeley campus community who are working in the...

French and Francophone Film

The French and Francophone Film working group provides a forum for students and faculty of all departments to view and discuss films and texts related to all periods and genres of French and Francophone cinema. Its overall intellectual aim is to...

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The Mobilities and Materialities of the Early Modern World working group discusses the relationship between macroeconomics and...

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The Law and Contemporary Theory working group studies jurisprudence, contemporary legal theory, critical legal theory, law and literature, and socio-legal studies.