Working Groups Related to Cultural Studies

PerAmer WG Icon

The Performance in the Americas working group aims to build a network of scholars, practitioners, and activists of the UC Berkeley campus community who are working in the area of Performance research in Latin/o America.

French and Francophone Film

The French and Francophone Film working group provides a forum for students and faculty of all departments to view and discuss films and texts related to all periods and genres of French and Francophone cinema. Its overall intellectual aim is to...

Thinking Post45

Thinking Post45 addresses political, social, technological, intellectual, and aesthetic paradigms that arose shortly after World War II, such as the Military-Industrial Complex, revolutionary and counter-revolutionary organization, cybernetics,...


The Transdisciplinary Rhetorics working group aims to cultivate a community of intellectuals to discuss inquiry that extends across disciplines. Topics of discussion include affect theory, ethico-aesthetics, and phenomenology and censorship in...

African Diaspora

The African Diasporaworking group serves as a space to articulate research questions about issues that face Black people globally.

Image for the Mobilities and Materialities of the Early Modern World working group

The Mobilities and Materialities of the Early Modern World working group discusses the relationship between macroeconomics and...

Image for the Law and Theory group

The Law and Contemporary Theory working group studies jurisprudence, contemporary legal theory, critical legal theory, law and literature, and socio-legal studies.

Image for the Fieldwork Forum

Fieldwork Forum is a working group in the linguistics department dedicated to learning from and improving methods for carrying out more rigorous, insightful...

Image for Der Kreis, children peeking over the Berlin Wall

Der Kreis brings together scholars interested in German history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Image of Transnational & Ethnic American Studies Working Group

The Transnational & Ethnic American Studies working group fosters interdisciplinary conversation about transnational, postcolonial,...