All Townsend Fellows

Image of Michael Nylan.
Michael Nylan, History

Michael Nylan, Professor of History, usually conducts research on early Chinese history, from the fourth century BC to the fourth century AD, when she is not studying modern receptions of antiquity. She is particularly interested in the sociopolitical, religious, and material contexts of new movements.

Image of Tristram Wolff.
Tristram Wolff, Comparative Literature
Dissertation Fellow

In his dissertation Romantic Etymology and Language Ecology, Tristram Wolff (Comparative Literature) traces an alternate history of theories of etymology and the discourse of language origin through literatures of Romanticism.

Image of David Marno.
David Marno, English
Assistant Professor Fellow

In his current project, entitled Holy Attention: John Donne’s Holy Sonnets and Early Modern Prayer, David Marno (English) argues that attention played a central role in early modern devotion because it was seen as the paradigm of human action capable of soliciting and responding to divine grace.

Image of Aimee Chang.
Aimee Chang, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Museum Fellow

Aimee Chang is director of engagement at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Her areas of interest include the shifting identity of museums, public practice, social practice, university and museum partnerships, participatory museum models, new media, and new modes of audience engagement.

Image of Todd Carmody.
Todd Carmody, English
Visiting Assistant Professor

Todd Carmody's research and teaching focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, African American literature, critical race studies, poetry and poetics, and disability studies. He is currently revising a book manuscript entitled Fictions of Mobility: Performing Race and Nation in Modern American Literature.

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones, East Asian Languages & Cultures

A specialist in modern Chinese literature and media culture, Andrew Jones is Professor and Louis B. Agassiz Chair in Chinese. His research and teaching interests include music, media culture, film, contemporary fiction, and children’s literature.

Image of Mary Ann Doane.
Mary Ann Doane, Film & Media

Professor of Film & Media Studies, Mary Ann Doane specializes in film theory, feminist theory, and semiotics, and has also written on television, photography, and digital media.

Image of Gretchen Head.
Gretchen Head, Comparative Literature
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

Gretchen Head received her Ph.D. in Arabic Literature from the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2011. Her dissertation, Moroccan Autobiography: the Rhetorical Construction of the Self and the Development of Modern Arabic Narrative in al-Maghrib al-Aqṣā, establishes an alternative history of Arabic narrative through an analysis of the development of modern Moroccan prose in Arabic.