All Townsend Fellows

Payne Image
Visiting Assistant Professor Fellow

Charlton Payne’s book project, “On the Trail of Refugees: Documentality and Narrative in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century German-Language Literature and Culture,” examines how the telling of refugee stories has emerged as an engine of cultural knowledge with political, epistemological, and ethical components

Rosenthal Image
Assistant Professor Fellow

Caitlin Rosenthal (History) is working on a book project on the complex relationship between slavery and capitalism in American history. Most histories of modern management focus on the factories of England and New England, only extending later to the American South.

Shanken Image
Andrew Shanken, Architecture
Senior Fellow

Andrew Shanken is Professor in the Department of Architecture, where he teaches courses in architectural history and American Studies.

Sharvit Square
Gilad Sharvit, Center for Jewish Studies
Postdoctoral Fellow

Gilad Sharvit studies the intersection of theories of history, politics, and religion in modern German-Jewish thought and literature.

Zhang Image
Dora Zhang, Comparative Literature
Assistant Professor Fellow

Zhang (English, Comparative Literature) traces a transformation and revaluation of literary description in Anglo-French fiction around the turn of the twentieth century, when many modernist writers denounced the descriptive “excesses” of the nineteenth century realist novel.

Archambault Image
Hannah Archambault, South & Southeast Asian Studies
Dissertation Fellow

Hannah Archambault explores the relationship between courtly centers and frontier zones in southern India.

Ahmed Image
Asad Ahmed, Near Eastern Studies
Associate Professor Fellow

Asad Ahmed delineates in his book project the contours of post-classical rationalist trends in the Islamic scholarly tradition by focusing on the sociopolitical and intellectual history of a notable South Asian school of thought.

Nakamura Image
Karen Nakamura, Anthropology
Senior Fellow

Karen Nakamura researches disability, sexuality, and other minority social movements in contemporary Japan.