Associate Professor Book Manuscript Workshop

The workshop provides support to associate professors for the development and completion of scholarly monographs. It provides a structure for generating constructive, informed criticism on book projects, at a moment in the writing process when authors can most effectively utilize feedback. The goal of the workshop is to contribute to the intellectual development of the manuscript in preparation for submission to a publisher.

The one-day workshop, led by the Townsend Center director, convenes up to two external, US-based reviewers and two UC Berkeley reviewers, chosen by the author in consultation with the director. The meeting begins with presentations from reviewers on the strengths of the draft and areas for further development. The author responds, and an open discussion with the group follows.


The program is open to all ladder-rank associate professors in the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences. Applicants should have scholarly manuscripts that are near completion but still in a position to benefit from review.

Authors and their book projects will be selected based on the potential significance of the finished work and the potential impact of group discussion and feedback on the author's progress.

Awardees should expect to hold their workshop in the upcoming three academic semesters, and must be prepared to submit a substantial draft of the book manuscript two months before the scheduled workshop.

Grant Provision

The Townsend Center will handle all logistics and expenses related to the workshop, including issuing formal invitations to workshop participants, making travel arrangements for external guests, scheduling the workshop, distributing the manuscript to workshop participants, and paying honoraria.

The maximum total cost of the workshop is $5000. External reviewers must be traveling within the US. Reviewers will receive a $500 honorarium (paid in the form of research funds for UC Berkeley faculty).


Associate Professor Book Manuscript Workshop