Supporting the Humanities at UC Berkeley

Nicole Starosielski Photo

Nicole Starosielski is a new faculty member in Film & Media whose research focuses on global internet and media distribution and communications infrastructures. She is author or co-editor of five books and over 30 articles.

As part of a team working to increase the sustainability of digital infrastructures, she has helped develop best practices for sustainability in the subsea cable industry — the backbone of the global internet.

AI Head Thinking Illustration

The Languages and AI working group fosters interdisciplinary dialogue on the implications of artificial intelligence for language and language education.

The group examines the relationship between AI and language pedagogy, literature, translation, and the broad ethical and legal questions that arise out of AI use in the humanities.

Stephens Hall September 2023 by E. Kotila

Since its establishment in 1987, the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities at UC Berkeley has encouraged an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship, fostered innovative research, and promoted intellectual conversation across academic fields.

The Center offers an array of fellowship and grant opportunities for Berkeley’s academic community, develops new academic initiatives, and offers numerous public events, including the Avenali and Una’s endowed lectures in the humanities.

Campus Language Banner

A new series of campus banners is bringing visibility to Berkeley's extraordinary foreign language offerings.  

In an era when many universities are cutting back on language instruction, Berkeley remains committed to its world languages program. Some 60 languages — as varied as Sanskrit, Igbo, Polish, and Vietnamese — are taught on campus.