Collaborative Research Seminars

The Collaborative Research Seminars are designed to direct Berkeley’s unique intellectual resources toward large, cross-disciplinary topics, to encourage collaborative work among faculty and advanced graduate students, and to offer faculty the unique opportunity to engage in a large-scale team teaching effort at the advanced level. The seminars themselves are team-taught by a group of six faculty and enrollment is open to graduate students in the third year of study or beyond.

2015-2016 Seminar

Anthropocene ImageThe Fate of Nature in the Anthropocene
This seminar brings together faculty and students from the humanities and environmental sciences to develop a theoretical framework for the environmental humanities. It explores the complex meanings of the term Anthropocene—the era in which human activities have had a significant impact on the earth’s ecosystems—and investigates how new theories of ethics and justice can be made applicable to resolving large-scale, complex environmental problems.