Layla Nasseri

Thinking without Time: Theorizing the Racial Event

“Can we think without time?” On February 24, 2022, Denise Ferreira da Silva, professor and director of the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia, posed this question in conversation with Chicano/a and Latin American Studies (CLAS) Chair Natalia Brizuela and Nejat Kedir, a PhD student in African American Studies. While this question may appear to be abstract, for Ferreira da Silva, who asked it just after a talk on “The Racial Event,” it is a way to theorize our understanding of racial histories.

Cultural Capital, Indigenous Art, and the Politics of Possession

For some indigenous communities in the US, the question of artistic ownership has been a fraught one, especially when it comes to ancestral works. Artist Wendy Red Star engaged with the idea of archives, historical narratives, and creative expression of Native Americans in a postcolonial world during her talk at the Arts Research Center.