“Africans and Jews in the Plantation Culture of 18th-century Suriname”

With Avenali Lecturer Natalie Zemon Davis
Monday, Feb 10, 1997 | 8:00 pm
2050 Valley Life Sciences Building
United States

Natalie Zemon Davis is an important historian of the early modern period, known for her narrative writing style and her use of cross-disciplinary history, which combines history with disciplines such as anthropology, ethnography and literary theory. Zemon Davis advocates the role of interpretation by historians and their essential quest for evidence about the past, claiming that both must be present and acknowledged to keep people from claiming that they have an absolute handle on “truth.” Professor Zemon Davis has directed the Shelby Cullom Davis Center of Historical Studies and taught at the University of Toronto and Princeton University. She served as President of the American Historical Association in 1987. Among her many publications are the books Society and Culture in Early Modern France; The Return of Martin Guerre; and Trickster Travels.