Past Events

"Illustrating Ambiguity: Melville's 'Pierre'"

With Avenali Lecturer Maurice Sendak
| Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

Discussants: Maurice Sendak, Samuel Otter (English), and Michael Rogin (Political Science)

“They Know Everything: Children and Suffering”

With Avenali Lecturer Maurice Sendak
| Women's Faculty Club Lounge

Discussants: Maurice Sendak, Ravenna Helson (Psychology), and Herbert Schreier (Chair., Dept. of Psychiatry, Children's Hospital, Oakland)

Maurice Sendak, Writer & Illustrator

“Descent into Limbo...The Creative Process”
Avenali Lecture
| Wheeler Auditorium

Maurice Sendak is the author and illustrator of several noteworthy children’s books including In the Night Kitchen; Where the Wild Things Are; Outside Over There; and We’re All Down in the Dumps with Jack and Guy.

| 460 Stephens Hall

Panel Discussants: Sivliano Santiago, João Alimo (Brazilian Consul; Novelist; Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese), Julio Ramos (Spanish & Portuguese)

Silviano Santiago, Novelist & Critic

“Joaquim Nabuco and the Cosmopolitan Urge: Brazilian Politics and the World Order in the Late Nineteenth Century”
Una's Lecture
| Alumni House

Essayist, poet, novelist, theorist and critic, Silviano Santiago is one of the leading Brazilian modernists focusing on concepts of “inbetweenness” and “hybridity.”

| 460 Stephens Hall

Panel Discussants: Michael Fried, T.J. Clark (History of Art) and Richard Wollheim (Philosophy)

Michael Fried, Humanities and Art History, Johns Hopkins University

“Some Thoughts on Caravaggio”
Una's Lecture
| Alumni House

Art historian, art critic and literary critic, Michael Fried is J.R. Herbert Boone Professor of Humanities and Art History at Johns Hopkins University. In his work, Fried engages questions of modernism, realism, theatricality, objecthood, self-portraiture, embodiedness, and the everyday. He has also written histories of modern art, focusing on Edouard Manet, Gustave Courbet, and Adolph Menzel.