Videos of our lecture series and more. Selected videos are also available for viewing on the Townsend Center for the Humanities' YouTube channel.

“Why Liberal Education Matters”
“‘Life’: Neovitalism and Biopolitical Thought”
“Of Storms, Frontiers, and Master Plans: Claims for the Future of Higher Education”
“From Capricho to Fatal Consequences: Goya’s Imagery of War 1809-1814”
“How America Invented the Humanities”
"SAVE AS... Memory and the Archive in the Age of Digital Technologies"
With Avenali Lecturer Peter Greenaway
"New Possibilities: Cinema is Dead, Long Live Cinema"
"Why Chopin? and Other Questions"
"The Death of Criticism?"
"The Decline of the Skills Society"
"The Movement in the Moving Image"
"Memory, a Remedy for Evil?”