Faculty Articles Archive

Anthony Long

No one can miss the current hype over evolution and creation. It made the front page of the New York Times on October 6, 2005, when the paper displayed a picture of two rafting trips proceeding side by side through the Grand Canyon, one finding evidence there for the great flood of Genesis, the other signs of gradual geological erosion.

Pheng Cheah

The text of Walter Mignolo’s Avenali lecture “Delinking: The Rhetoric of Modernity, the Logic of Coloniality, and the Grammar of Decoloniality” can be read as a manifesto that announces an extremely imaginative and ambitious project.

Celeste Langan

“It is well to have some water in your neighborhood,” suggests Thoreau in Walden. Punning on “well” (itself a kind of “walled-in” pond), he suggests that digging into apparently solid ground to discover water below offers a salutary reminder that “earth is not continent but insular”—that is, land masses even as large as continents do not so much contain as they are contained— surrounded—by bodies of water.

Shannon Jackson

A group of artists in Turkey rent an apartment together in a diverse, intergenerational neighborhood; instead of using the space to paint or display, they invite their neighbors to dinner, create a playroom for children, and organize a neighborhood parade. They call their work Oda Projesi (The Room Project).