Working Groups Related to History

The Empires in Comparative Perspective studies empire, in cross-temporal, trans-regional, and multidisciplinary perspective.

Theories of Science and the Humanities considers theoretical and methodological intersections among the humanities and the sciences.

The Berkeley Working Group on Strategy and Statecraft offers an interdisciplinary forum for studying strategic thinking in theory and practice.

The Histories of South Asia working group reads and discusses texts by prominent historians in the fields of early modern and modern South Asia.

The Filipino & Philippine Studies working group discusses critical and emerging scholarship to unite the distinct fields of Filipino Studies and Philippine studies.

Der Kreis: German History Working Group brings together scholars interested in German history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The History and Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Science working group is a forum for the discussion of issues at the intersection of mathematics, philosophy, intellectual history, and science.

The Russian History "Kruzhok" (circle) has served the Berkeley faculty and several generations of graduate students.

The Modern Jewish Culture working group draws those whose research intersects with the subject of Modern Jewish Culture.

The Berkeley Latin American History (BLAH) working group seek to build a community of historians and historically-minded scholars from other disciplines.