The Townsend Center’s audio archive highlights past lectures, conversations, and notable events that the Center has supported throughout the years.

The Moral Drama of the Spanish Civil War
Writing and the Food Revolution
Clarice Lispector, "Brazil's Kafka"
The Bible at Its Most Unorthodox
"The Aesthetics of Singularity"
"English Only vs. National Security: Language & Contemporary Geopolitics"
“From Cyborgs to Companion Species: Dogs, People, and Technoculture”
"Cannabis, the Importance of Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire"
“Bombs and Bibliographies: The Secret Life of the Library of Congress”
“Migrations: Humanity in Transition”
“How to do Things with Codes: Rethinking Processes of Signification in Digital Media” (incomplete recording)
With Avenali Lecturer Bruno Latour
“The End of Nature as a Way to Organize our Polity”
With Avenali Lecturer Bruno Latour