The Townsend Center's audio archive highlights past lectures, conversations, and notable events that the Center has supported throughout the years.

“The End of Nature as a Way to Organize our Polity”
Tuesday, Apr 11, 2000
With Avenali Lecturer Bruno Latour
Thursday, Apr 6, 2000
"Are Carnal Ignorance and Carnal Knowledge Cross-Cultural Categories?"
Friday, Oct 8, 1999
Thursday, Feb 11, 1999
With Avenali Lecturer Seamus Heaney
Wednesday, Feb 10, 1999
"Getting the Picture: Reflections on Art and Artists in Ireland"
Monday, Feb 8, 1999
With Avenali Lecturer J.M. Coetzee
Thursday, Nov 12, 1998
"The Novel in Africa"
Wednesday, Nov 11, 1998
A Panel Discussion
Wednesday, Feb 4, 1998
Tuesday, Sep 30, 1997
With Una's Lecturer Michael Ignatieff
Tuesday, Feb 25, 1997
With Avenali Lecturer Natalie Zemon Davis
Monday, Feb 10, 1997
“Moors, Christians, and Africans in a Muslim Traveler’s Account of the Renaissance”
Wednesday, Feb 5, 1997
“Martin Luther King and the Reinvention of Christian Leadership in the United States”
Tuesday, Mar 12, 1996
With Robert Pinsky and Michael Mazur
Sunday, Dec 4, 1994
"Identity Against Culture"
Monday, Sep 12, 1994