Bear's-Eye View

Bear's-Eye View is a chronicle of students' engagement with the vibrant humanities culture at the Townsend Center and across the Berkeley campus. Each semester our undergraduate humanities writers soak up the wealth of humanities programs and events, and write about what they've learned.

UC Berkeley's art museums reimagine curation and programming for 2020.

Three Berkeley historians, Waldo Martin, Ronit Stahl, and David Henkin, discuss historical roots of November's election.

Returning Bear's-Eye View writer Zoe Forest listens in on a discussion about the changed conditions of the performing arts.

Undergraduate writer Caitlyn Jordan investigates how UC Berkeley students are pursuing creativity during COVID-19.

Artists Drew Bennett and Purin Phanichphant discuss their experiences in the Bay Area’s creative community

Berkeley’s language community emphasizes the importance of multilingualism by reading literature in languages other than English.