Bear's-Eye View

Bear's-Eye View is a chronicle of students' engagement with the vibrant humanities culture at the Townsend Center and across the Berkeley campus. Each semester our undergraduate humanities writers soak up the wealth of humanities programs and events, and write about what they've learned.

BAMPFA hosts science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson to address “The Good Anthropocene: Terraforming the Earth.”

British poet Tom Pickard and English graduate student Leo Dunsker read in The Holloway Series in Poetry.

Berkeley’s Department of Comparative Literature has produced the winner of the Bernheimer Prize for the past 7 years in a row and 10 of the winners over the past 13 years.

Francine Masiello chats about her new book The Senses of Democracy: Perception, Politics, and Culture in Latin America at the Townsend Center's first Berkeley Book Chat this semester.

With topics ranging from contemporary poetry an With topics ranging from contemporary poetry, Japan studies, and rabbinic literature, Working Groups offer an interdisciplinary space for graduate students and faculty to meet, study, and talk.

In a new program sponsored by Art of Writing, graduate students train undergrads to help their peers become better writers.