Bear's-Eye View

Bear's-Eye View is a chronicle of students' engagement with the vibrant humanities culture at the Townsend Center and across the Berkeley campus. Each semester our undergraduate humanities writers soak up the wealth of humanities programs and events, and write about what they've learned.

The authors and editors behind Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places discuss what happens when law and the humanities intersect in surprising places.

The Book as Place exhibit combines words, space, and three dimensional objects to present new perspectives on what it means to be a book.

Sivan Eldar, Myra Melford, and Geoffrey O’Brien think about composition together.

Leta Hong Fincher and Lü Pin discuss the fight for China’s feminist future.

The Global Urban Humanities Initiative sparks site-specific conversations that bridge observation with action.

The annual Avenali Lecture explores the indignation and aspiration of "The Other 1968s."